The National Council of State Administration Secretaries – CONSAD is a private law nonprofit entity, headquartered in Brasilia (Federal District), established in November 2000, gathering representatives of all Brazilian states and the Federal District. The Board of Directors, elected annually, is composed of a President, two Vices-Presidents and a Fiscal Council composed of three members.

The focus of CONSAD in all its work fronts has been to design public management models focused on results and on delivering quality services to citizens. This council has strengthened itself over the years, based on a plural and multi-party environment that is conducive to discussion and to the development of State public administration.
CONSAD maintains permanent fora for exchange of experiences and discussion of best practices in public management. Thus, the entity believes it is providing a contribution to continuous and constant improvement.


The National Council of State Administration Secretaries – CONSAD was created on November 17, 2000, during the 40th National Forum of State Administration Secretaries, in the city of Maceió, capital of Alagoas, as a forum for debate and dissemination of innovative experiences and best management practices.
The organization aims to act as a permanent body for coordination and integration of the common interests of the Secretariats; to propose public policies in the sphere of action of the Secretariats and related bodies; to participate in the formulation and implementation of national public administration policies; and to interact with all segments of political and civil society, with a view to building fair and equitable social relations, in the context of democratic order.
The participants of the meeting in Maceió also decided to institutionalize the Forum, conferring to it a legal personality and political force. The council holds regular meetings every three months, through the Forums, in order to exchange experiences and seek creative solutions to improve Public Management in Brazil.


To foster public management standards based on quality, efficiency, merit, transparency and commitment towards results that contribute to the federative balance, the Country’s development and the strengthening of democracy.


In effective and constant pursuit of the purposes for which it was created, the actions of CONSAD have been marked in recent years by major advances, especially in the interface with the branches.
The CONSAD board consists of 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District, represented by the Management/Administration Secretaries. They are:

It is currently the largest event on Public Management in Brazil, held annually. In 2012 it brought together more than two thousand participants from the federal, state and municipal levels, among governors, state ministers, public managers, consultants, experts, academics and civil servants of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.
Established in 2008, the Consad Congress on Public Management has established itself as a qualified discussion forum, focused mainly on sharing experiences in the field of public management.
Developed with a view to including lectures, round tables and panels with the participation of renowned experts on the subject, the Congress also includes the presentation of scientific papers that reflect good management practices conducted in all regions of the Country and the Federal Government.


CONSAD’s schedule of events includes the National Forum of State Administration Secretaries, held every three months, in rotation, for discussion and reflection on the topic of public management. Until February 2013, 88 editions of the Forum have been held.
The meeting brings together the secretaries and advisors of the States, in addition to public managers, specialists and consultants, with the aim of strengthening debate on key actions that permeate the daily work of state managers committed with important areas of administration/management.


CONSAD has Working Groups created with the purpose of furthering discussion and research on topics related to public management, providing useful information for the council’s decision-making. The Working Groups on Salary Survey and Social Communication are in operation. Other groups have already finished their work, focused on eight specific topics.


The Consad Journalism Award aims to recognize and reward the work of the press in publishing reports on the modernization of public administration in the Country. The Prize is divided into two stages, the first being dedicated to selecting the best work published in each of Brazil’s five regions. In the final stage, the five regional winners are awarded during the Consad Congress on Public Management, in Brasilia, where the winner of the national stage is announcement and awarded.


The Consad Merit in Public Management is an honor bestowed by CONSAD in recognition of professional, management, research or policy practices that strengthen public management. The honor is awarded annually to persons chosen by the Council and takes place during the Consad Congress on Public Management in Brasilia.
Currently, the CONSAD Board receives the nominations and justification for granting the award to each of them. After individual analysis, the members vote to appoint the recipients.


Three products form CONSAD’s editorial line. The publications are “Governance & Development” and “Consad Congress” in addition to the “Forum Newsletter”.

Governance & Development

This is a biannual publication that presents the main programs, projects and innovative actions implemented in the states, emphasizing the benefits and results achieved.

Consad Congress

This is an annual publication, always edited at the end of the congress, with a summary of the lectures, panels and papers presented during the event.

Forum Newsletter

With four issues a year, always prepared at the end of each National Forum, this publication contains a summary of the topics presented and discussed during the meeting.


The direction of CONSAD is composed of a President, two Vice-Presidents and the Fiscal Council, composed of three members. They are elected for 12-month mandates, with the right to re-election for the same period.

In 2012 the council achieved two milestones in this process. The Parliamentary Café with the participation of the Mixed Parliamentary Front for the Strengthening of Public Management, which resulted in the signing of the Public Management Protocol, aimed at promoting the development of joint activities that contribute to the design of legislative proposals and improvement of public management. The other point to be noted is the National Agenda for Public Management, the result of broad democratic debate involving states and the Federal Union. The aim of the Agenda is to improve quality of service, as well as efficiency and quality of expenditure.

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